Genlin, a.k.a Peng Hong Ling, now named Hiroshi Horiike, wad born in Shanghai, with a family origin from Guizhou Province. Mr. Genlin now dedicateds all his attendtion to charity and social welfare, having high hopes that his efforts will bring goodwill and happiness to people.

"Knowledge can change one's destiny" is the faith of my father, Peng Xin Chao. This is also the reason why "Peng Xin Chao Foundation" commits so much to education.

"Genlin World Heritage Foundation" puts an emphasis on cultural and civilization charity. This foundation is an extension and new development of "Peng Xin Chao Foundation".
From my father's deep influence, I have strong faith in our future, and have high hopes that we can work together as a group and rebuild a society that is full of wisdom, fairness, freedom and care.

"Genlin Foundation" is my dream of Eden, and the destination of my heart and soul.



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